Ltd company set up and a virtual office in Prague

Every company in Czech Republic must have a business seat. Lots of businessmen, especially those beginning, who have a few employees do not want to pay high sums for office premises rentals or even for purchase of them. Therefore a possibility to provide a virtual office, respectively a virtual company seat, originated. It brings a lot of advantages to quite a lot of businessmen.

Lots of additional services

If you rent a virtual office, your company in Czech will be labeled on the building and you can use the address also as a contact address. For an additional charge you get even other services such as reception, redirecting telephone calls and mail and also for example the possibility to use the meeting room in the building.

Business seat from the company Profi-kancelář

Profi-kancelář brings exactly these advantages. It provides not only the office rentals and acquiring a business seat but also a Ltd company set up, so called ready-made company purchase, that is an already existing company, set up for the purpose of its following sale. In case of a virtual office you can choose from three options – Mini-seat, Profi-seat and Profi-office and alternatively the configurator myPROFI. It is different in the range of services that you will obtain. You will find more information on

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